Hole In The Wall Plantation

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The plantation was probably begun by Elijah Smith during the time that he was a business partner with Abijah Hunt (1800 - 1811).  Abijah and Elijah had the firm of Hunt and Smith, which was a cotton brokerage that also ran five general stores and several public cotton gins.  They had several cotton plantations as well.

Camp Plantation

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Amelia/Charles Devall settled first at Camp Plantation, which they bought on 6 Feb 1869 after suing Amelia’s mother Elizabeth and he 2nd husband Andrew Woods for non-payment of debts

Amelia lost Camp on 7 Feb 1874 after being sued by creditors for non-payment of debts

W.B. Chamberlain was high bidder at the sheriff’s sale

Then Amelia and Charles Devall moved to Orange Grove

Joseph Jefferson Mansion

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"The Joseph Jefferson Mansion, built in 1870 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is a charming twenty-two room Southern mansion, with a fourth-story cupola. Jefferson sited it among 350-year-old-oak trees high atop the salt dome, at an elevation of 75 feet above sea level - almost unheard of in the coastal areas of south Louisiana. The home is an architectural treasure reflecting Moorish, Steamboat Gothic, French and Southern Plantation styles, harking to the Victorian age of elegance and grandeur.