Title WIki_ID WikiTree Owners People Location County State Region Address Founded GeoCoord NRHP Ref Number Region Status Tags Type
Aduston Hall Plantation Amos Travis Gainesville Sumpter County AL 1844–46 32.81317°N 88.15933°W 85002925 Unknown
Allen Grove Plantation Old Spring Hill Marengo County AL 1857 32.42889°N 87.77500°W 94000689 Active
Alpine Plantation Done Alpine Talladega County AL 1858 33.35113°N 86.23722°W Active
Altwood Plantation Faunsdale Marengo County AL 1836 32.42533°N 87.68124°W 93000598 Relocated Cedar Crest Farms
Arlington Plantation Birmingham Jefferson County AL 331 Cotton Ave., SW, Birmingham, Alabama 1845–50 33.49991°N 86.83880°W 70000103 Active
Atkins Ridge Plantation John Atkins, Pascal Tutwiler, James H. Payne Greensboro Hale County AL 1840 32.69073°N 87.57666°W 94000690 Active Payne House
Augusta Sledge Plantation Newbern Hale County AL 1855 32.51972°N 87.56888°W 94000686 No remains
Barton Hall Plantation Armstead Barto Cherokee Colbert County AL 34.75079°N 88.00268°W 73000337 Active Cunningham Plantation, Natchez Trace
Battersea Plantation Prairieville Hale County AL 32.51028°N 87.70306°W 94000698 Active
Belle Mina Plantation Thomas Bibb, Berthold Kennedy Belle Mina Limestone County AL 1826 34.64479°N 86.88078°W 72000164 Active Belmina
Belle Mont Plantation Alexander W. Mitchell, Isaac Winston Tuscumbia Colbert County AL Circa 1828 34.66167°N 87.66694°W 82002003 Active
Belvoir Plantation Reuben Saffold II Pleasant Hill Dallas County AL 1825 32.20278°N 86.96184°W Active Saffold Plantation Cotton Plantation
Bermuda Hill Plantation William W. Manning, William Weeden, James Daniel Browder Prairieville Hale County AL 32.53005°N 87.69419°W 94000692 Active
Boligee Hill Plantation Boligee Hale County AL 1840 32.75972°N 87.98889°W 82002014 Active Myrtle Hill
Borden Oaks Plantation John Scott Gray, Richard Benjamin Borden Greensboro Hale County AL 1835 32.71787°N 87.68931°W 94000685 Active
Brides Hill Plantation Wheeler Lawrence County AL 1830 34.67024°N 87.24452°W 86001544 Ruins Sunnybrook
Bullard Plantation Perdue Hill Monroe County AL 1858-1859 31.50564°N 87.53170°W Unknown
Andalusia Plantation Joseph Stovall Milledgeville, Georgia Baldwin County GA 1850s 33.12526°N 83.26775°W 80000968 Active
Afton Villa Gardens Plantation William Barrow, Bartholomew Barrow 1820, David Barrow 1839 St. Francisville West Feliciana Parish LA U.S. Hwy 61, St. Francisville 1790 83000554 No remains
Aillet House Plantation Jean Dorville Landry Port Allen West Baton Rouge Parish LA 845 N. Jefferson Avenue, Port Allen, Louisiana Circa 1830 30°27′35″N 91°12′22″W 91001046 Active Sugar Plantation
Albania Plantation Charles Grevemberg, Samuel and Isaac Delgado, Emily Cyr Bridges, Hunt Slonem Jeanerette, on the banks of Bayou Teche, off the Old Spanish Trail Iberia Parish LA 1837 -1842 29°54′12″N 91°38′58″W 01000007 Active Sugar Plantation
Arcola Plantation David Hunt, George Marshall Ann Ferguson Hunt, Charlotte Hunt Marshall Waterproof Tensas Parish LA 1822 Unknown
Ardoyne Plantation Houma Terrebonne Parish LA 1894 29°38′57″N 90°49′10″W 82000469 Active
Argyle Plantation David Hunt, Abijah Hunt, Thomas W. Hunt, Ann Hunt, Mary Floyd Hunt, Ella Agnes Hunt Tensas Parish LA Prior to 1811 Unknown
Arlington Plantation at Franklin Franklin St. Mary Parish LA 56 E. Main St., Franklin, Louisiana 29°46′43″N 91°29′35″W 82000457
Ashland Plantation at Belle Hellene Duncan Farrar Kenner Darrow, near Geismar Ascension Parish LA Southwest of Gonzales on Highway 3251 (Ashland Road) and Louisiana highway 75.[3] The entire property of the estate belongs to and is surrounded by the Shell Chemical, LP, Geismar plant 1841 30°6′30″N 91°0′36″W 79001050 Active Sugar Plantation
Audubon Plantation Baton Rouge East Baton Rouge Parish LA 1850 30°21′3″N 90°57′11″W 87000729
Bagatelle Plantation Sunshine Iberville Parish LA Bagatelle Plantation, East River Road (moved to Iberville Parish),LA 1825-1849 30°18′41″N 91°11′8″W 07000424 Active Private House
Beau Fort Plantation Natchitoches Natchitoches Parish LA 76000966
Belle Alliance Plantation Charles Anton Kock Donaldsonville Assumption Parish LA Assumption Parish 1846 30°3′20″N 91°1′59″W 98001425 Active Sugar Plantation
Belle Ella Plantation Abijah Hunt, David Hunt, Thomas W. Hunt, Ann Hunt, Mary Floyd Hunt, Ella Agnes Hunt Waterproof Tensas Parish LA Prior to 1811 Unknown
Belle Grove Plantation John Andrews, Henry Ware White Castle Iberville Parish LA 1857 30.177°N 91.154°W Ruins Sugar Plantation
Bocage Plantation Darrow Ascension Parish LA 39050 Highway 942, Darrow, Louisiana 1801 30°7′25″N 90°57′19″W 91000705 Active
Butler Greenwood Plantation St. Francisville West Feliciana Parish LA 8345 US Highway 61, St. Francisville, Louisiana 1790's 79001103 Active
Calumet Plantation Patterson St. Mary Parish LA 1830 29°42′42″N 91°20′40″W 84002859 Active
Camp Plantation Charles Devall West Baton Rouge West Baton Rouge Parish LA Possibly in or near West Baton Rouge 30.5268565°N, -91.3042762°W Unknown
Carter Plantation Thomas Freeman, W. L. Breed, George Richardson Springfield Livingston Parish LA 1817-1820 30°24′38″N 90°34′47″W 79001069 Active Timber Plantation
Chretien Point Plantation Joseph Chretien, Hipolyte Chretien II Jean Lafitte Sunset St. Landry Parish LA 1781 30°23′18″N 92°6′8″W 77001519 Active
Cottage Plantation St. Francisville West Feliciana Parish LA 10528 Cottage Lane, St. Francisville, Louisiana 1795 to 1859 75000857 Active
Crescent Plantation Tallulah Madison Parish LA 1832 32°22′7″N 91°9′52″W 84000144 Active
Darby House Plantation New Iberia LA 30°1′49″N 91°50′5″W 73000868
Desire Plantation Vacherie St. James Parish LA 1835 29°56′39″N 90°41′32″W 86001054 Active Tobacco Plantation
Destrehan Manor Plantation Destrehan St. Charles Parish LA 13034 River Road, Destrehan, St. Charles Parish, Louisiana 1790 29°56′43″N 90°21′55″W 73002132 Active Slave Revolt, Freedman's Bureau, Amoco, German Coast Uprising
Ducros Plantation Schriever Terrebonne Parish LA 29°45′15″N 90°49′5″W 85002759 Active Sugar Plantation
El Dorado Plantation Livonia Pointe Coupee Parish LA 82002791
Emilie Plantation Garyville LA 30°2′45″N 90°36′34″W 88003135 Active
Evergreen Plantation Edgard St. John the Baptist Parish LA 4677 Hwy. 18, Edgard, Louisiana 1790 30.02690°N 90.63958°W 91001386 Active Sugar Plantation
Felicity Plantation Vacherie St. James Parish LA Highway 18, Vacherie, Louisiana (home before St. Jospeh Plantation) 1846 30°00′20″N 90°45′55″W 10000062 Active Sugar Plantation
Greenwood Plantation in Caddo Parish Caddo Parish LA
Greenwood Plantation in St Francisville St. Francisville West Feliciana Parish LA 6838 Highland Road, St. Francisville, Louisiana 1830 Active
Hazelwood Plantation Laurel Hill LA 78001438
Hole In The Wall Plantation Concordia Parish LA Maxwell Road. The only thing separating it from the MS River was Maxwell Road and the levee. The map coordinates for the plantation were T9N-R1E (Township 9 North, Range 1 East), in some or all of sec. one through 24. Prior to 1811 Unknown
Homeplace Plantation Hahnville St. Charles Parish LA 1787-91 29.97105°N 90.40758°W 70000842 Ruins
Homestead Plantation Plaquemine Iberville Parish LA LA 3066, 3 mi. SW of Plaquemine , Plaquemine 1850-1874 86003129
Indian Camp Plantation Robert Coleman Camp Carville Iberville Parish LA Great River Road (East Bank) just North of Carville, LA 1857 30.199641 X -91.1248262 Site Reused Leprosarium, Gillis Long Clinic Sugar Plantation
Joseph Jefferson Mansion Jefferson Island LA 5505 Rip Van Winkle Road, New Iberia, LA Active
Kenilworth Plantation St. Bernard LA 2931 Bayou Road in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana Circa 1820 29°52′2″N 89°48′51″W 06000317 Active
Kent House Plantation Alexandria Rapides Parish LA 3601 Bayou Rapides Road, Alexandria, Louisiana, USA 1800 31°18′22″N 92°29′01″W 71000362 Active
Krumbhaar Plantation Houma Terrebonne Parish LA Unknown
LaBranche Plantation Dependency St. Rose St. Charles Parish LA River Rd. (LA 48), St. Rose, Louisiana 1792 29°57′00″N 90°18′58″W 84000145 Ruins
Laura Plantation Vacherie St. James Parish LA 2247 Highway 18, Vacherie, Louisiana 1831-1834 92001842 Active Sugar Plantation
Laurel Valley Plantation Thibodaux Lafourche Parish LA Along Bayou Lafourche on Hwy,. 308 in Thibodaux, LA 29°48′23″N 90°46′18″W 78001426 Ruins Sugar Plantation
LeBeau Plantation Francois LeBeau Arabi LA 1854 29.948818°N 90.004282°W Ruins
Live Oaks Plantation Charles Henry Dickinson II, Charles Henry Dickinson III Anna Turner, Capt. Joseph Erwin Rosedale Iberville Parish LA Louisiana Highway 77 (North) Rosedale, LA USA 70772 1838 N 30° 26.600 W 091° 27.333 Active National Register of Historic Places Sugar Plantation
Locust Grove Plantation Luther Lusk Smith I Wesr Feliciana LA Unknown
Lucky Plantation Sunshine Iberville Parish LA 1295 River Rd. , Sunshine 02001603
Madewood Plantation Napoleonville Assumption Parish LA 4250 Highway 308, Napoleanville, Louisiana 1846 29.92738°N 90.99426°W 73000860 Active Sugar Plantation
Magnolia Mound Plantation Baton Rouge East Baton Rouge Parish LA 2161 Nicholson Drive, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 1791 30°25′34″N 91°11′13″W 72000549 Active Sugar Plantation
Magnolia Plantation at Schriever Schriever Terrebonne Parish LA 1858 29.714722°N 90.818889°W 83000548 Active Sugar Plantation
Mary Plantation Braithwaite Plaquemines Parish LA Killona ? 1795 29°48′15″N 89°59′59″W 83000533 Active
Melrose Plantation Melrose Natchitoches Parish LA 3533 Highway 119, Melrose, LA 71452 1832 31.08771°N 92.96756°W 72000556 Active Cotton Plantation
Mount Hope Plantation Baton Rouge East Baton Rouge Parish LA 8151 Highland Rd., Baton Rouge, Louisiana 1850 30°22′21″N 91°7′45″W 80001717 Active
Nottoway Plantation White Castle Iberville Parish LA 31025 Louisiana Highway 1 (off The Great River Road), White Castle, Louisiana 1858 30°11′8″N 91°10′1″W 80001733 Active Private House
Oak Alley Plantation Vacherie St. James Parish LA 3645 Highway 18 (Great River Road) Vacherie, Louisiana USA 70090 1830 30.00427°N 90.77593°W 74002187 Active Sugar Plantation
Oakland Plantation at Natchez Jean-Pierre Emanuel Prud'homme Natchez Natchitoches Parish LA 1818 31.66500°N 93.00333°W 79001073 Active Cotton Plantation
Oaklawn Manor Franklin St. Mary Parish LA 3296 E. Oaklawn Drive, Franklin, Louisiana 1837 29°50′58″N 91°28′3″W 73002162
Oaklawn Plantation Natchez Natchitoches Parish LA 1830 31°40′11″N 93°0′42″W 79001072 Active
Oakley Plantation St. Francisville West Feliciana Parish LA Located within Audubon Memorial Park, 4 1/2 miles southeast of St. Francisville on State Hwy. 965, off US Hwy. 61 Circa 1806 30.801885°N 91.31444°W 73000878 Active
Orange Grove Plantation George Haydel Houma Terrebonne Parish LA 4107 Bayou Black Drive (LA Hwy. 182) Houma, LA 70360 1840 80001764 Active Sugar Plantation
Orange Grove Plantation David Devall West Baton Rouge West Baton Rouge Parish LA 30.5099124°N, -91.3048316°W Unknown
Orange Grove Plantation House Benjamin Morgan, Thomas Ashton Morgan, Louis Fasnacht Plaquemines Parish LA 1804 No remains Sugar Plantation
Ormond Plantation Destrehan St. Charles Parish LA River Rd. (LA 48), Destrehan, Louisiana 1789 29°57′15″N 90°23′13″W 90001748 Active Sugar Plantation
Palo Alto Plantation Pierre Oscar Ayraud Donaldsonville Ascension Parish LA 1850 30°5′29″N 91°1′55″W 77000665 Active
Parlange Plantation Vincent de Ternant, Charles Parlange Mix Pointe Coupee Parish LA 1750 31.66500°N 93.00333°W 70000258 Active Cotton Plantation
Pitot Plantation New Orleans Orleans Parish LA 1440 Moss St., New Orleans, Louisiana 1799 29°58′54″N 90°5′21″W 71000360 Active German Coast Uprising
Rienzi Plantation Thibodaux Lafourche Parish LA 1814-1825 29°48′0″N 90°49′9″W 80001736 Active
Riverlake Plantation Oscar Pointe Coupee Parish LA Near New Roads, Louisiana. 1820 30°36′28″N 91°26′7″W 83000534 Active
San Francisco Plantation Garyville St. John the Baptist Parish LA 2646 Louisiana Highway 44 in Garyville, St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana 1849–1850 30.04753°N 90.60554°W 74002186 Active
Sandbar Plantation Thomas Philander Port Allen LA Circa 1837 30°24′31″N 91°13′2″W 99001039
Scottland Plantation Thomas B. Scott, Porter Johnson Tallulah Madison Parish LA 903 Bayou Dr., Tallulah, Louisiana 1860 32°24′8″N 91°11′44″W 82000445 Active
Smithfield Plantation Port Allen West Baton Rouge Parish LA Devall LA ? 30°32′59″N 91°17′27″W or 30.545467°N, -91.2973318°W 95000387
Southdown Plantation Stephen Minor Houma Terrebonne Parish LA 1828 29°35′19.5″N 90°44′25″W 74002188 Active Sugar Plantation
St. Emma Plantation Donaldsonville Assumption Parish LA 1850 30°5′2″N 91°1′50″W 80001695 Sugar Plantation
St. Joseph Plantation Josephine Aime Ferry, Joseph Waguespack Vacherie St. James Parish LA 3535 Hwy 18 Vacherie, LA 70090 1840 30°0′21.5″N 90°46′20.1″W 05000987
St. Louis Plantation Plaquemine Iberville Parish LA 75000849 Active Sugar Plantation
St. Maurice Plantation St. Maurice Winn Parish LA Off LA 477, St. Maurice, Louisiana 1845 31°45′22″N 92°57′54″W 79001104
Tallyho Plantation Bayou Goula Iberville Parish LA River Road, Bayou Goula 1840 30°12′12″N 91°10′13″W 80001731 Active Private House
The Houmas Burnside Ascension Parish LA 40136 Hwy. 942, Darrow, Louisiana 80001694 Active Sugar Plantation
The Myrtles Plantation St. Francisville West Feliciana Parish LA 7747 U.S. 61, St. Francisville, Louisiana 1796 30°48′11″N 91°23′15″W 78001439 Active
Uncle Sam Plantation Joseph Constance, Pierre Auguste Samuel Fagot Convent St. James Parish LA 1810s 30.03709°N 90.83247°W No remains Sugar Plantation